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Agri Parts, Italian company established in the 1980's produces and commercializes spare parts that are perfectly compatible with those made by the original manufacturing companies.

Agri Parts produces spare parts for agricultural machines, specifically combines, forage harvesters and tractors. Thanks to the rigourous selection of materials and to the continuous auditing of the productive chain in all its phases, we are able to produce components that are perfectly interchangeable with OEM parts, but at a more convenient price.

With a warehouse of over 10 000 products available in stock and a worldwide shipment network that is fast and reliable, Agri Parts is able to satisfy any client's request. 

Since 40 years, our expertise and quality guarantee is present in our products marked APB. 

Wide Range of Commercial Products from the Best Brands

We Produce High Quality Spare Parts 100% OEM Compatibile for Combines, Forage Harvesters and Tractors

Expertise, Reliability and Customer Service since 40 Years


Agri Parts is Innovation

From the production of our products to their commercialisation: the Technical Offices, three-dimensional drawings, Quality Control and our online Catalogue are only a few aspects of Agri Parts' innovative and technical approach.

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