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Agri Parts General Conditions of Use
Pubblication: May 2021 
Version: 1


The present General Conditions of Use for this website (subsequently also referred to as “Conditions”), in conjunction with the relative mentioned documents, establishes the conditions within which usage of this site (below “Site”) is permitted by the user (below “User”).

By utlising this Site, the User accepts the following Conditions and commits to respecting them.

Agri Parts reserves the right, at their own discretion, to modify the Conditions at any time. Thus the User is invited to regularly consult the Conditions upon access to the Site.

The Site has informative and commercial intentions or purposes.

The Conditions also make reference to the following additional policies which likewise must be applied to the usage of the Site:

  1. The Privacy Policy, which establishes the how Agri Parts treats personal information;
  1. The Agri Parts Cookie Policy, which establishes the types and purposes of cookies used on the Site;
  2. Agri Parts General Conditions of sale, both for professionals and final consumers;
  3. Agri Parts Shipment and Delivery conditions;
  4. Agri Parts Warranty and Returns Policy for goods purchased;


Site Manager is Agri Parts S.r.l. with corporate headquarters in Via F. Santi 8, Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna), Italy; VAT number 00575831201.

Agri Parts reserves the right to suspend the services offered through the Site, to update the Site or to edit the contents of the Site at any given moment.

Agri Parts is not obliged to update the contents of the Site and cannot guarantee that the Site and its contents are free from errors, omissions or that they are constantly accessible.

Agri Parts reserves the right to suspend, delete, interrupt or modify the entire Site or part thereof without prior notice.

Agri Parts cannot be held responsible towards the User if for any reasons the Site is not available, in its entirety or part thereof, and/or in the instance of errors and/or omissions in the content of the Site and the Materials.

Agri Parts commits to updating the information on the Site and its Materials. However, Agri Parts does not expressively or implicitly guarantee the completion or accuracy of the above mentioned information or Materials.

In the event that the User receives an identification code, password, or any kind of information relating to Agri Parts safety procedures, the User must keep such information reserved and must not share it with third parties.  

Agri Parts reserves the right to deactivate the identification codes and/or the passwords at any given moment, either chosen by the User or assigned by Agri Parts, if the User has not respected these Conditions.

If the User suspects that another party could have access to the identification codes and/or passwords, the User must immediately notify Agri Parts by sending a mail to

Agri Parts is the owner or the licensed user of the industrial and intellectual property rights pertaining to the Site, of the contents and Materials published in such (for example but not restricted to: texts, lists, manuals, photographs, illustrations, images, technical drawings, videos, audios, marketing material, domain names, designs, projects also those not under copywrite or industrial protection, software, data banks and every other kind of material or content – below “Material” or “Materials”). These rights fall under the treatment in accordance to applicable international laws.

The User is authorised to print a copy of the Site pages, where possible. The Site content cannot be considered or interpreted as given under license to any party, unless specific agreements have been made in writing with Agri Parts.

In addition to the previous paragraph, the User cannot modifiy the Material, both hard copy and digital, printed or dowloaded from the Site. Furthermore, the User cannot make use of images, photographs, video or audio extracts or any graphics separately from the text with which it is accopanied by.

Agri Parts must always be cited as the author of the Material.

If the User uses the Site and prints, copies, or downloads the Material in violation to these Conditions, the User does not have the right to utilize the Site and must, upon request from Agri Parts, destroy or return the Material.

The Site must not be copied, in its entirety or part thereof, into any other site, windows or pop-ups, and it is prohibited to create links to any of the Site pages other than the Home page.

Agri Parts is not responsable for the contents of any other website that could be made accessible within the Site through the use of links or multimedia connections present in the Site.

Within the parameters established by the law, Agri Parts is exempt from any guarantee expressively stated or implied, in relation to the Materials, to the Site and the usage of such, and is waived from any contractual or non-contractual responsabilities towards the User in the event of loss or damage caused by or connected to (for example and not restricted to):

  1. Inability to use the Site correctly;
  1. The utilisation of or the validity of the information or the Materials contained within the Site;
  2. Access to the Site and subsequent downloads of any of the Materials present within the Site, including viruses, malware or other malevolent informatical contents.

The User accepts to waive Agri Parts of any responsabilites, damage or costs (including and not limited to legal costs), for which Agri Parts could be held responsable for in the event(s) of (for example and not restricted to):

  1. A violation of the Conditions by the User, namely the declarations and terms above stipulated;
  2. Third party claims based on the usage of the Site and/or the Materials by the User that violate the General Conditions of Use.

Agri Parts could supply interactive services though the Site, such as live chats (“Interactive Services”): Agri Parts is not obliged to supervise, monitor or moderate the Interactive Services that could be available on the Site and does not take responsability for any loss or damages caused by the Interactive Services to the User, even if the Interactive Services are moderated.

These Conditions are stipulated by Italian Law.