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Recharge and Coupon

Account Recharge and Coupon Agri Parts
Pubblication date: May 2021
Version: 1




Reduce the number of transactions on your credit card. You can make various purchases for any amount using your recharge balance.

Registered users are able to recharge their Agri Parts account balance ( to be used for a purchase at any time. The recharge value will be automatically added to your account once payment has been successfully processed. You can view your account balance in the Plafond section of your Profile at any time.

Recharge your account with different amounts using your credit card, Paypal, Satispay or electronic bank transfer, and you won’t have to insert your details for the payment during the checkout phase. There are no commissions or extra fees and your recharge balance will always be valid provided that your Agri Parts account is valid and active.


How it works

Once you have logged in, choose the recharge amount that you’d like to purchase from the ‘Plafond’ section in your Profile and proceed to checkout. Please note, you cannot place an order for goods and a recharge amount simultaneously. If you purchase your recharge amount using your credit card, Paypal or Satispay, your recharge balance will be updated as soon as the payment is successful. If you pay for your recharge using an electronic bank transfer, the recharge balance will be updated once Agri Parts has successfully received your transfer.


Coupon on Registration

Users that register themselves on the website will receive a coupon code of €5 that can be used for a future purchase, which can be used only once but has no expiration date. After the registration is complete, an Agri Parts operator will send you your personal coupon code within a couple of days to the email address used for the registration. Coupons are not refundable and they cannot be returned or given to another user of the same website.


Recharge Value

You can choose various amounts to recharge your account, such as €50, €100, €500 or €1000, see the table with value amounts below. If you wish to recharge your account with a different amount, please contact Agri Parts using this email address:


Recharge Cost

Recharge Value


€ 50

€ 51

2 %

€ 100

€ 103

3 %

€ 500

€ 520

4 %

€ 1000

€ 1050

5 %


Invoicing and VAT for Professionals and Consumers

The amount paid towards recharging your account will not have added VAT and is excluded from VAT, but an invoice will be issued for any Agri Parts Recharge purchased. If you use your recharge balance towards purchase of goods it will be visible as a payment method in the invoice for the relative goods.



For promotions or certain times of the year, Agri Parts thanks their registered B2C clients by gifting them a coupon or a discount for their next purchase. The coupon could be valid only for a certain type of product, or for an order that had a value which is higher than a certain amount. By inserting the coupon code in the appropriate box during checkout, the discount amount will be automatically deducted from the order value. Coupons will be sent to the email address used during the registration process.

This is where you’d insert the coupon during checkout:

Agri Parts coupons are not subject to sale and cannot be refunded. Coupons have a limited validity based on the information indicated with the coupon.

General Conditions

Account recharges are regulated by the General Conditions of Sale for Professionals and Consumers.

Recharge amounts cannot be used in practices unauthorised by Agri Parts, refunded or returned. No recharge amount, whether whole or part thereof, can be transferred to another user of the Agri Parts website.

The owner of the account recharge is solely and entirely responsible for the correct use of the recharge amount.

Agri Parts reserves the right to make changes to the recharge policy without prior notification and at any time. All conditions are applicable within the extent permitted by law.