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Reverse Engineering

Agri Parts Product Manufacturing 

Agri Parts is able to independently manufacture new products by working from a genuine sample (Reverse engineering).

Reverse engineering involves a series of closely linked activities in order to obtain a product that is 100% interchangeable with the same part supplied by the original manufacturers.


Main activities:


  • Product function analysis that leads to an indication of which material is best suited (appropriate checks using specific tests are carried out at qualified external laboratories for both metals/alloys and plastic materials).

  • Measurment
    • For complex shapes of objects made using cast steel or moulds, we entrust external laboratories that supply us with a 3D technical drawing produced using a 3D laser scan.
    • For laboured surfaces, we are able to independently measure each specific dimension.
    • For sprockets and toothed gears we entrust specialized companies to measure the specific areas of the part and to manufacture these parts.
    • For thermal coating or treatments we ask external laboratories to establish the type of treatment.


  • Drafting of the final 3D design and creation of technical drawing including the necessary dimensions and allowances needed for production.
  • Drafting of the bill of materials and its insertion into the ERP management system.
  • Drafting of the complete production cycle including the various analysis phases and manufacturing at suppliers, to establish the feasibility and production lead time, and its insertion into the ERP management system.
  • Check if any additional equipment is need for the production (such as equipment for mechanical labour, weighing, welding and testing).
  • Checking the creation of a small lot to ensure the correct manufacturing of the production lot.


Once the quality standards of the small lot are guaranteed, the production of the main lot of launched, following each step set out in the ERP management system.

Our parts will then be marked with the registered trademark sign “APB” and production lot for better traceability and guarantee for our customers.


We only use qualified suppliers with whom we continuously share various production aspects to improve the quality of our products.

After more than 40 years in production and commercialisation, Agri Parts Srl has the know how and is able to satisfy the growing demand for high quality spare parts in the alternative parts industry.

Agri Parts products are synonyms for quality and reliability.

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