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Agri Parts Privacy Policy
Pubblication date: May 2021
Version: 1

Client / User: any person who creates an order after registering themselves on our e-commerce portals, acting either within their personal capacity or for their business or for a legal entity, and anyone who navigates in or uses the Agri Parts websites regardless of any commercial transactions they may or may not create. 

The Company / Manager: Agri Parts Srl  

Sites / Site: Agri Parts B2B and B2C web sites: and


Dear User,

We have produced this privacy policy in order to adhere to the obbligations set out by the GDPR Regulation (Regolamento Generale sulla Protezione dei Dati (Regolamento UE 2016/679 – GDPR), and because we believe the protection of our user’s personal information is fundamental.


This policy relates solely to Agri Parts Srl’s web sites (subsequently referred to as Agri Parts) and, and not to other web sites that could be present within the company’s sites; we therefore advise the user to consult the relative policies of the other sites they may come accross. We invite you to consult this policy in order to understand the way we manage our sites and subsequently the way we manage our user’s personal information.


The possibility of new industry updates and the constant examination of the services offered could result in variations to the way we manage the users’ personal information. It is therefore possible that our privacy policy is reviewed and updated and we thus invite you to regularly consult this page. The following is a table containing all the modifications made.







Initial release


  1. Policy Aims

The aim of this policy is to explain the applications of the users’ personal information that is collected through our sites, and to allow the user to make informed decisions. The personal information is particularly collected and managed in order to:

  1. Create a user account and to be able to access the services offered within the Agri Parts sites, justified by legal interest;

  2. To respond to requests made using the contact forms or newsletter subscription or quotation requests made through the site; and to send periodical informative or promotional material if the user has expressively adhered to this service;
  3. To manage and complete orders made through the sites;
  4. To confirm the reciept of payments made for orders placed and subsequently the shipping of the goods.

If the user chooses not to provide us with the personal information that we require, we may not be able to provide them with the above mentioned services.


  1. Manager of the Policy

The manager of the policy is Agri Parts S.r.l., situated in Via F. Santi 8, Villanova di Castenaso, (BO), 40055, Italy.

  1. Nature of personal information

The types of personal information that are collected through Agri Parts sites are the following:

  1. Common personal details (for example: name, surname, email, address, phone number, identity number)
  2. Navigation data and cookies: Agri Parts uses technical and profiling cookies as per our Cookies Policy

The company declines any responsabilities regarding the management and treatment of the users’ personal information through third party sites and regarding the management of login details provided by third parties.

We further inform the user that the personal information above mentioned could be used for statistical, communication or marketing purposes (points 1.a, 1.b, 1.c e 1.d), utilising other sources of information such as social media, public information or databases.


  1. Ways of management of details

Agri Parts treats the users’ personal information with maximum care and respect. The details collected will be handled using manual and technological systems, adopting the neccessary security measures to reduce the risks of misplacement or destruction of the data, of unauthorised accesses, unauthorised handling of the data or for a purpose not mentioned above.

Agri Parts will conduct the following actions to the information received:

  1. Updates to personal information due to any communication of variation the user may send us;

The management of personal information will be executed by persons authorised by the manager for the execution of the above mentioned services, adequetely trained regarding the protection of personal information. Furthermore, personal details will be accessible only to those, amongst the authorised persons, who need access to them in order to carry out the above mentioned services.

In order to collect and store personal data, the details will be communicated to third parties that operate as Managers of the policy, as per art. 28 of the above mentioned regulation.

  1. Diffusion of personal information

Personal information will not be publicized or made available to unidentified subjects. Personal details could be communicated to relevant authorities as per laws established.


  1. Storage of Personal Information

In compliance with clause 5.1(c) of the Regulation, the technical systems and IT programs used by Agri Parts are configurated to reduce to the minimum the use of personal and identification information, which will be handled only in the quantity neccessary for the execution of the services mentioned in this policy. The data will be stored solely for the period of time neccessary for the execution of such, and criteria for the periods of time are those established by the relevant laws for the principles of minimisation and limitation of storage.

The information that is neccessary to access the user accounts for those who have registered will be stored for the entire period of collaboration or until the user communicates the intention deactivate their account, and otherwise not exceeding the terms established by the law.

We furthermore inform the user that, in accordance with articles 5 and 8.1 of the Regulation, personal details could be stored for a period of two years. The users’ personal details could be stored for longer periods of time than those explicated above only for statistical purposes, save for the implementation of adequate technical and organizational measures required by law to protect your rights.

  1. Your Rights

We guarantee and respect the users’ rights regarding the protection of personal information. In line with what is set out by the GDPR, the user has the right to ask the manager:

  • Access: the user can request confirmation of the handling and mangagement of their personal data, as well as extra information regarding this policy;
  • Rectification: the user can rectify or integrate the information they have provided, where it may by incorrect or incomplete;
  • Cancellation: the user may ask that their personal information is cancelled, where it is no longer neccessary for our services, in the case of withdrawal of consent or opposition to the policy, in the case of illicit treatment or if there is a legal obligation to cancel reference to subjects under the age of sixteen;
  • Limitation: the user can request that their personal information is only stored, with exception to other handling, for the period neccessary for the rectification of their details in case of unlawful processing for which they oppose the cancellation, if they have to exercise their rights in court and the data stored by the manager may be useful to them and, finally, in case of opposition to the treatment where the manager is subject to a check for the legittimacy of the treatment by the manager in relation to the users’ personal details;
  • Opposition: the user can oppose themselves at any instance to the handling of their personal information, unless there are legittimate motivations by the manager that prevail the users’, for example defense in court.
  • Transfer: the user can request to receive their data or to transmit them to an entity they authorised, in a common format readable though a device.
  • Revocation: the user can revoke their consent to our Cookies Policy at any moment, provided that it is relevant to the policy terms. The revocation of consent does not affect the legittimacy of the processing and handling of personal information conducted prior to the revocation.


Furthermore, the user has the right to determine the usage of personal information and the exercision of their rights after the user’s death. In the circumstance where Agri Parts is made aware of the user’s death, the details will be cancelled save for the conservation for an indefinite period of time in order for us to fulfill any legal obbligations, and if neccessary, after having communicated the personal information to a third party the user has authorised.

The user can request to excercise the above mentioned rights at any time by sending a mail to: .