Agri Parts

Agri Parts and Covid19

Friday, March 20, 2020

Your spare parts are in safe hands thanks to the safetly measures we have adopted.

Agri Parts and Covid19

These times have put all businesses in this sector under pressure, all over the world. 

Agri Parts, from the beginning of the pandemic emergency, has continued operating: we took all the neccessary safety measures to prevent and minimize any risks in each part of our productive chain. 

We have considered each aspect, constantly monitoring the impact of Covid 19: re-organising work spaces, greater attention towards hygiene practices, the introduction of smart -working where possible for some offices, and have taken greater care towards the re-stocking of the warehouse, in logistics and deliveries, in Italy and abroad. 

Our primary aim is and will always be to assure security for both our staff and our clients. 

It wasn't easy to organize a new way of operating in such little time, but we can surely say that we are available and present for our clients, ready to recieve and process orders, as well as urgent requests. 

We are Italian, optimistic and professional: and for this reason we guarantee our best service and support, every day. 

If you'd like to find out more, send us a message.