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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

High quality bearings - discover NSK

NSK Bearings


Agri Parts is a distributor of NSK bearings

Agricultural applications subject all mechanical components to demanding challenges. Contamination, humidity, vibration and shock are just some of the adverse factors that components have to deal with. As the world's leading bearing manufacturer, NSK rose to the challenge.

NSK was the first Japanese manufacturer of rolling bearings. Production activity began in 1916.

Since then, they have constantly extended and improved their portfolio of solutions but also the range of services for various industrial sectors. Their focus is not only on the development of new technologies, but also on the constant optimization of quality – within the entire process.

NSK's activities include product design, simulation of applications using various analytical systems and the development of special steels and lubricants for rolling bearings.

The NSK brand is synonymous for quality, innovation and reliability.

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