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New parts for John Deere

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The best APB parts for your machine

Discover what we are manufacturing for your John Deere combine!

New  parts for John Deere

The best spare parts for your John Deere combine. 

Here is a preview of the new products that we are manufacturing! 

Arriving beginning 2023, here you can see the chain with paddles AXE16681 for clean grain, and the gear case H130137 for grain tank unloading. 
In production there are also other pulleys, deflectors, shafts and drive kits. 

The gear case is already available in warehouse! 

Models list for the H130137 gear case: 

 950095109550956096009610965096609540 Wts9560 Wts9580 Wts9640 Wts9660 Wts9680 WtsCtsCtsii9650 Cts9660 Cts9780 Cts9780I Cts9560 Sts9570 Sts9650 Sts9660 Sts9670 Sts9750 Sts9760 Sts9770 Sts9860 Sts9870 Sts9880 StsW540W550W650W660T550T560T660T670C670S540S550S560S650S660S670S680S685S690S760S770S780S785S790

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